Alcohol 120% CD and DVD Burning Software


Alcohol 120% CD and DVD Burning Software

That Xbox game DVD that you bought your child the other day costs over $50. Some business software products these days can run several hundred dollars or more. These things can cost you a lot of money to replace because of something as simple as a small scratch. It would be nice if you could just make a backup disk of the various DVD’s you own, but most of them are copy protected and won’t allow this. Well now there is a solution to this problem and it is Alcohol 120% CD and DVD burning software.

What is alcohol 120% Software?

Alcohol 120% is an extremely powerful CD and DVD burning software that passes many disc security protocols that ordinarily do not let you make a backup copy of a CD or DVD. It is a windows based platform. The information that the discs contain can be stored on your computer as a series of image files.

Alcohol 120% makes it more convenient to create and store CD and DVD files than ever before. The program will also allow you to mount the CD’s you require access to the most on one of the thirty one virtual drives you can create with the software. All of these drives you can access with a simple click of the mouse.



What are Some Other features of Alcohol 120%?

The disc burning software on Alcohol 120% also has a handy Pre-Mastering function which is unique because it enables the user to burn files directly from the hard drive. It also supports Blu-ray format and other HD DVD formats too. It is a windows compatible program that will work with all Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems including Windows 8.

Home Users

Home users find Alcohol 120% software to be the answer to the things their children tend to handle roughly, such as those expensive video game DVD’s. Normally you cannot make duplicate copies of these, but with Alcohol 120% software the task is accomplished simply and easily so the homeowner does not have to worry about replacing expensive video game DVD’s over and over again.

Business Users

Business users pay a lot of money to by such things as bookkeeping and word processing software. They own the rights to it, but they still can’t make backup copies to guard against the risk of the originals being damaged during use or storage. Alcohol 120% software now allows the businesses to conveniently back up most of these programs.

Alcohol 120% software is certainly a handy tool to have around when it comes to backing up expensive DVD’s to make handling and storage of these much more convenient and worry free.