Free Download Manager is Quick and Reliable


Free Download Manager is Quick and Reliable

There are lots of download managers on the internet these days to choose from. They help to speed up the often slow regular download process that usually takes place on a computer. Among the better ones is a software program simply called Free Download Manager; as one can probably guess, it is available at no cost. The program is excellent at controlling such downloads as direct links, flash video and torrents. It is extremely popular among download programs because of how well it works for a program that is available at no cost to the user. Here are some of its nicer features:

It Has an Easy User Interface

There is nothing a person who is working on a computer likes better than a program that is simple to navigate around. Free Download Manager has a very easy to use point and click interface that comes with it. The interface icons are very representative of the tasks they are associated with and it takes little or no instructions to be using the program like a pro in no time; after just a few minutes of reviewing the enclosed quick start guide a person is able to begin using the program. There are not many programs that are as user friendly as Free Download Manager.



Free Download Manager Is Resource Friendly Too

Because it takes up little operating capacity on your computer, Free Download Manager is considered to be highly resource friendly. Since it does not take up a lot of your computers resources, it does not slow the response time of your computer down on the other tasks you are using it for at the same time.

It Includes a Download Scheduler

Another nice feature of the Free Download Manager is its incorporation of a download scheduler into the program. This takes advantage of the program being able to download files at a time when the computer is not being used for anything else. You can set the program when you go to sleep at night and when you wake up the next morning the desired files will have been conveniently downloaded.

How does it do its job? Free Download Manager works by taking a large file that requires downloading and then dissects it into smaller sub files. It then proceeds to download several small files instead of downloading just one large file; this increases the speed of the download because it can now download several parts of that item at once. Before the item was broken up into small files, the computer was only able to download one part at a time. Once the process of downloading the smaller files is finished, the Free Download Manager then puts them back together into a single file for use.

This free software is a nice bonus to add to an existing computers download capability. It accomplishes downloading tasks in an easy to use and efficient manner, and download speeds will be much faster than your computer was ever able to achieve by using just the factory installed software.


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