SyncBack Utility Software Pros and Cons


SyncBack Utility Software Pros and Cons

These days you need to really be able to easily backup and restore all the important files and data that are stored on your computer. It seems like every day there is a new virus or other attack that has breached millions of firewalls and subsequently infected someone’s computer system. SyncBack Utility Software will not only make backing up your important information on your computer easier, but it will also help organize, compress, and synchronize those files in the process.

How SyncBack Works

SyncBackFree enables its user to have the ability to quickly and conveniently create backups of the important data that is stored on your computer. It is designed to accommodate both inexperienced and experienced software users. It uses a menu driven system with an informative help function to aid you in its use. It also has features that allow you to be able to synchronize files and aid in the creation of profile mirrors. The synchronization features also let you chose whether you would like to compress your files also each time you run the backup feature.

SyncBack Pros


It has an automatic backup feature that allows you to schedule backup activities at convenient times when you are not using your computer. By doing this it avoids the backup process from slowing you down if you are working on the computer at the same time.

It also can generate a simulated report before you start the backup process. This allows you to make sure that you have included all the necessary data that you desired to be backed up. Once satisfied a click of the mouse starts the backup process in motion.

It comes with detailed instructions and an excellent help file. The instructions can be viewed online or downloaded in convenient HTML or PDF files. There is also an excellent customer support system in place if you should need it.

SyncBack Cons

The user interface is poorly designed, so it’s a good thing one of the pros is excellent instructions and help support for the program. The help menu needs to be utilized a lot more often than users would typically like to see.

So if you can overcome the pitfalls with the somewhat complicated interface, then SyncBack Utility Software can be an excellent program to aid in fil synchronization, backup, and recovery. It is a product that consistently gets better than average reviews and with its many features makes the synchronization and backup processes very easy.


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