Bedtime story for kids

The Great Snore-Off: A Tale of Loud Snores and Sleepless Nights.


Once upon a time, in a land called Snoreville, there lived a group of animals who loved nothing more than a good night’s sleep. The forest was peaceful and quiet, and everyone slept soundly through the night.

But one day, a group of loud, obnoxious snorers moved into the forest. Their snores were so loud that they kept everyone awake, and the animals were starting to get grumpy from lack of sleep.

The animals held a meeting to discuss what to do about the problem. The wise old owl suggested they hold a snore-off, where the loudest snorer would be crowned the winner.

The animals all agreed, and the snore-off began. The first contestant was a hippopotamus, whose snores sounded like a freight train. Next up was a walrus, whose snores shook the trees. But when it was the lion’s turn, everyone knew he would be the winner. His mighty snores were louder than a thunderstorm.

But just as the lion was about to be crowned the champion, a small mouse stepped forward. “I may be small, but I can snore louder than all of you,” he boasted.

The other animals laughed, but the mouse was serious. He took a deep breath and let out a snore that was louder than a volcanic eruption. The lion was shocked, and the other animals cheered.

The mouse was declared the winner, and the other animals went to bed happy, knowing that they would finally be able to get a good night’s sleep. And from that day on, the mouse was known as the greatest snorer in all of Snoreville.

The snorers, however, were not happy about losing the contest. They packed up their bags and moved to a different part of the forest, where their snores wouldn’t disturb anyone. And Snoreville was peaceful and quiet once again. The end.


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